Face Wash

    Antiwrinkle Foaming Facewash

  • For mature, tired and damaged skin
• Protect against the signs of ageing
• Quinoa and May Chang helps to plump the skin
• Locks in the skins natural moisture
• Palmarosa used for treatment of fine lines and skin rejuvenation

    Harmonizing Face Wash

  • For normal to combination skin
• All skin types and all ages
• Geranium balances skin
• Calms greasy areas

    Pore Cleanser Face Wash

  • Suitable for all ages
• Teen to adults
• Spot and acne prone skin
• Blemished and breakouts
• Decongests
• Niaouli removes bacteria
• Blood circulation
• Patchouli detoxifies
• Wheat controls sebum levels

    Skin Refresher Face Wash

  • Dry and sluggish skin due to dull and lack of fluid intake and smoking
• Orange helps promote blood circulation
• Rosewood provides protective skin barrier
• Meadow sweet moisturises deep down

Moisturising Cream

    Rejuvenating Rich Moisturiser

  • For aged and dry skin
• Wrinkled and fine lines
• Harsh weather conditions
• Helps reduce the appearance of forehead and smile lines
• Frankincense heals skin and has rejuvenating properties
• Frankincense and Myrrh are rich in natural enzymes
• Easily absorbed

    Yin Yang Moisturiser

  • For combination skin
• Geranium helps to balance changes in skin
• Lavender provides soothing antibacterial protection
• Camellia rich in antioxidants
• Helps protect against environment skin damage

    Vitamin C Moisturiser

  • For dry and dull skin
• Vitamin C boosts circulation
• Lemon tones
• Moroccan Argan rejuvenates skin
• Natural radiant glow


    Facial Toner

  • For all skin types
• Soothe sensitive skin
• Tones, Freshens and hydrates
• Can use after sunburn or skin damage

    Eye Cream

  • Idea for normal, mature,dull/tired skin
• Tackles dark circles
• Contains natural oils and extracts
• Contains hyaluronic acid which locks moisture
• Leaves skin soft and smooth
• Rich in anti-oxidants
• Tighter, firmer skin
• Natural source of vitamin A and vitamin E

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